MBM – For Preschoolers

$ 34.95 $ 49.85

Music-by-the-Month (MBM) is a great way to build your family's Brite Music library and provide your little ones with hours of wonderful songs, stimulating books & important principles to enhance their lives!

How it Works
With MBM – for Preschoolers, you will receive a total of 4 installments. Each installment includes 3 great albums and activity books (see below)! Download your first installment today and each month we will automatically send you a link to download your next installment for the low price of $34.95 per month (a 22% savings)!

Receive a Bonus Album with Your 1st Installment!
For a limited time, your 1st installment will also include a special bonus album & activity book: Peek-a-Boo Time!

No Fine Print!
With Music-by-the-Month, there is no contract, nothing to sign, and you may cancel your subscription at any time.

Share the Goodness and Receive Your Installments FREE!
Each time someone you refer purchases a Music-by-the-Month subscription of their own, we will send your next installment to you within one business day — and we will waive the charge! In other words, it's possible to receive some or even all of your remaining MBM installments much sooner than scheduled and absolutely FREE!

Brite Music's Stunning Guarantee!
Brite Music products are guaranteed not only to your satisfaction, but to be the best products your child has ever had! (See details.)


1st Installment (MBM #1)*
• I Have a Song For You #1 (About People and Nature)
• Watch Me Sing #1
• Brite Dreams
        *Includes special bonus title: Peak-a-Boo Time

2nd Installment (MBM #2)
• I Have a Song For You #2 (About Seasons and Holidays)
• Watch Me Sing #2
• Sing, Read & Write with Brite #1

3rd Installment (MBM #3)
• I Have a Song For You #3 (About Animals)
• Sing, Read & Write with Brite #3
• Sing, Read & Write with Brite #2

4th Installment (MBM #4)
• Someone Special—You
• Sing, Read & Write with Brite #4
• Sing, Read & Write with Brite #5

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